Heerringbone Technical Services

Herringbone Technical Services is formed with a team of fully dedicated technocrats having rich qualitative and quantitative technical experience in the field of Fire Engineering & Security solutions. The group draws strength from its every member hands on stint experience over 15 years acquired on technical exposures to global fire fighting standards and norms.

The company is committed to grow consistently maintaining a strict adherence to state of art engineering and acceptance of new technologies, maintaining high standards of quality in the products and services it proposes to provide, a meticulous & time bound project execution schedule and an excellent after sales service support. The company is strictly adherence to maintain Stringent quality standards followed in all stages of project from concept to commissioning without any Compromise of work culture .This has rewarded us with Confidence of delighted corporate customers in this short period of time we have commenced.

Herringbone Services has a wide array of products and service to suit different industries/segments and to suit to variable budgets.

Our array in services starts with fire risk auditing, fire risk assessment, and consultation which then leads to engineering and design of required system BOQ preparation, budgeting, supplying of required materials, fabrication, installation ,testing and commissioning of the system and completes with operation/maintenance of systems after installation.

Our Product array is defined with our alliance to Honeywell Group,TYCO International, UTC, SIMENS, ETON,HD Fire, Newage Iindustries. Fire Schield Ltd L&T Kirlosker, Crompton, Wilo , Safe Guard, Padmini and may more leading brands of national & International Standards.


At Herringbone Technical Services we are specialized in Providing complete service in the following fields.

Fire Detection and Alarm System:-

Fire Suppression Systems:-

Fire Fighting and Cooling Systems:-

Security Systems:-


Our alliance with globally recognized brands proven effective in commercial, financial, residential and governmental institutions throughout the country.

The major brands include:

Access Control /Biometric Technology

At Herringbone we represent HID a world wide leader in access control offering both simple and advanced access control solutions as required by a facility to regulate the movement of people into and within a building - protecting your ideas, information and property. Solutions include Pass card control systems, reliable readers, photo imaging and badging systems, asset tracking and more.

Our solution ranges from simple proximity card to biometric & RFID based smart card systems for effective supervision of employees by utilizing the latest IT technologies and integrations with HR systems. Visitor and contractor processing is also streamlined due to integration with business systems. The systems can operate in a redundant configuration ensuring a high level of reliability.

RFID & BIOMETRIC with visitor management, payroll management, vendormanagement, canteen & library management


In today's complex industrial environments, the potential for down time and financial losses caused by overheat and fire can be disastrous if not detected and located quickly. Accurate and efficient flame detection, flame detection and Air sampling detection system thus required for assured detection for your need.

At Herringbone we offer a full range of conventional and analogue addressable fire control panels from UL, VDS, EN standard manufactures, which are equipped with high quality devices for fire alarm detection, air sampling detection & alarm signaling and building management Systems.

CCTV Surveillance System

At Herringbone we represents Honeywell Security in INDIA thus offering full range of hi-tech CCTV, DVR and digital surveillance equipment. All the above are the dynamic world-class suppliers of remote visual CCTV systems with extensive application in various industries providing highly reliable, digital closed circuit television surveillance systems.

The software-based digital surveillance and video management solution lets you view and control any camera from anywhere in your enterprise. It uses industry-standard communications technology and off-the-shelf hardware, and even works with your existing analog infrastructure. Powerful search capabilities support quick retriev


Fire hydrant and Sprinkler systems are the most oldest and effective water based suppressions systems adopted by mankind .Over the years experience and reliability it has been proven and adopted in all segments of buildings and factories. We at herringbone services follow the design, engineering and installation basis of national building code of India, National Fire protection Associations USA, Tariff Advisory Committee of India and our age old experience to provide you a full proof engineering solutions in this field.

We stand different among other system installers of any kind of water based system with our perfectly engineered system. We assure the right demand of water at each point of discharge by proper hydraulic calculations and water flow measurements. This ensures the fulfillment of water demand by every hydrant valve / sprinkler depending upon their K factor.

We are fully capable to design and install water based foam flooding system ideally used for airplane hangers/industries along with HVWS systems for transformer protection, MVWS for conveyor belt protection and horizontal petroleum storage tanks ,Rim seal protection system for vertical petroleum storage tanks. Watermist system design and installations covering the complete range of water based protection systems.


Clean fire suppression agents are characterized by a unique combination of chemical and physical properties which allow them to extinguish fires without creating a need for cleanup or business interruption. These contrasts to traditional fire extinguishing agents such as water, foam, and dry powder where cleanup and business disruption are inevitable. In addition, the use of extinguishing agents such as water, foam or dry powder oftentimes results in more secondary damage due to the extinguishing agent than due to the fire; for example, the use of water or foam to combat fires in museums, libraries, or facilities containing expensive, sensitive electronic .

The primary concern throughout most of history has been to extinguish fire, with little concern over the mess that water or other extinguishing agents made. Near the close of the 19th century man began to realize the advantage of "clean" agents which could be used to extinguish a fire but caused little or no damage themselves. The original "clean agents" were halogenated molecules followed by carbon di oxide gas . And modern day's innovation has brought Inergen, FM 200/FE36 and Argonite like gases in to use for protection of sensitive, expensive, and mission-critical assets.

And today they are employed to protect billions of dollars worth of assets worldwide. At herringbone Services we offer the services for right assessment of efficient & cost effective solutions for Gas based suppression system with our engineered designing and installation to suit best for your need and applications. We have the most effective clean agent fire suppression systems available for the protection of high value assets and priceless artifacts.


At Herringbone we are equipped with complete professionally qualified and technically trained operation and maintenance staffs to help your systems run smooth and flawless over the years after the installations. We offer total service for maintenance contract and operation contract of fire fighting/fire detection/CCTV surveillance/Access control/Building management systems.

Quality Policy

At Herringbone we believe in and work for best in class quality for everything we do. Our Quality Policy ensures commitment of the Management and Employees towards achieving Quality in all areas, resulting in total and consistent Customer Satisfaction and that in Products and Services. Employees at all levels in the Organization are made aware of the company's quality policy through continuous training, education and motivation. All products, services and internal process are customer focused and performance driven.

Service Response Center

At Herringbone our SRC is staffed 24x7 by trained service professionals who provide an unmatched level of dedicated and consistent service. Our Technical Manager offers round-the-clock service response and to manage your processes and systems.

Pre- and Post-Installation Services

At Herringbone we offer a full portfolio of lifecycle consultation. These services include threat and vulnerability assessments, standard operating procedure consultation and security and safety audits. These are important before any successful design, installation, and maintenance and testing of systems to avoid turmoil and confusion during a crisis - giving you peace of mind knowing you're working with a partner those who are specialized to provide fire and safety solutions.

Social Responsibility

So at Herringbone every individual is committed in spreading the social awareness of Fire safety by providing/sharing education and knowledge on the Fire hazard potential, study and understanding the individual protection needs and respond by presenting the most comprehensive solution to empower the individuals/community/corporate/business house/industries and all to secure life, property and business continuity.