Our alliance with globally recognized brands proven effective in commercial, financial, residential and governmental institutions throughout the country.

Fire hydrant and Sprinkler systems are the most oldest and effective water based suppressions systems adopted by mankind .Over the years experience and reliability it has been proven and adopted in all segments of buildings and factories. We at herringbone services follow the design, engineering and installation basis of national building code of India, National Fire protection Associations USA, Tariff Advisory Committee of India and our age old experience to provide you a full proof engineering solutions in this field. We stand different among other system installers of any kind of water based system with our perfectly engineered system.

We assure the right demand of water at each point of discharge by proper hydraulic calculations and water flow measurements. This ensures the fulfillment of water demand by every hydrant valve / sprinkler depending upon their K factor. We are fully capable to design and install water based foam flooding system ideally used for airplane hangers/industries along with HVWS systems for transformer protection, MVWS for conveyor belt protection and horizontal petroleum storage tanks ,Rim seal protection system for vertical petroleum storage tanks. Watermist system design and installations covering the complete range of water based protection systems.