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Clean fire suppression agents are characterized by a unique combination of chemical and physical properties which allow them to extinguish fires without creating a need for cleanup or business interruption. These contrasts to traditional fire extinguishing agents such as water, foam, and dry powder where cleanup and business disruption are inevitable.

In addition, the use of extinguishing agents such as water, foam or dry powder oftentimes results in more secondary damage due to the extinguishing agent than due to the fire; for example, the use of water or foam to combat fires in museums, libraries, or facilities containing expensive, sensitive electronic .The primary concern throughout most of history has been to extinguish fire, with little concern over the mess that water or other extinguishing agents made.

Near the close of the 19th century man began to realize the advantage of "clean" agents which could be used to extinguish a fire but caused little or no damage themselves. The original "clean agents" were halogenated molecules followed by carbon di oxide gas . And modern day's innovation has brought Inergen, FM 200/FE36 and Argonite like gases in to use for protection of sensitive, expensive, and mission-critical assets.

And today they are employed to protect billions of dollars worth of assets worldwide. At herringbone Services we offer the services for right assessment of efficient & cost effective solutions for Gas based suppression system with our engineered designing and installation to suit best for your need and applications. We have the most effective clean agent fire suppression systems available for the protection of high value assets and priceless artifacts.